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March 9th, 2008 | by admin | as Free Hosting, Web Hosting

You have finally decided to start your very own website. After surfing the internet looking for attractive hosting solutions, you learn that there is such a thing as free hosting. Knowing perfectly well that free is always a good thing, you become unsure whether buying hosting is a worthwhile investment. If this describes your current situation don’t worry. In this article we will discuss the various essentials associated with free and paid hosting so that you can make the right decision.

Free hosting services are a great alternative for many reasons and if you only require the bare minimum to run your site this might be a viable solution. In most cases free hosting providers only offer the most basic requirements since their services are generally intended for novices or individuals experimenting with their first sites. This is because free hosting providers do not earn money from selling their services but rather from advertisements. To keep their services lucrative they do not only have to show the most publicity possible but also clamp down on any excessive use from its users. In the end free services have become increasingly unappealing to the general public as consumers normally prefer more control and better services. Currently it is quite hard to find a good free hosting provider since most have disappeared.

Purchasing hosting has become a common practice and in today’s truly universal internet, many people prefer this option for a very good reason. When you purchase a hosting account you are guaranteed a few basic certainties like stability and total control over your files. Another good reason to use a paid hosting provider is that they are becoming ever more affordable. With the increase in server capabilities and drop in hardware prices, nowadays there are basic hosting packages obtainable for a few dollars. These hosting providers will also offer additional services like, email accounts, user control panels, site builders, site statistics and many other useful tools that will make building a site significantly easier.

The only advice we can give you is pretty straight forward. If you want to experiment with a website or maybe try learning everything there is to know before spending money, free hosting services are an acceptable option. On the other hand, if you are serious about having your own site and want a truly stable experience and robust solution, paid hosting is the only sensible alternative.

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