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March 11th, 2008 | by admin | as Host Reviews

iPowerWeb.com is one of the most renowned hosting companies in the world and a leading eBusiness website hosting provider. With more than 700.000 sites hosted on their first class servers, iPowerWeb manages to provide the best solutions while maintaining affordable prices.

Analyzing the hosting plans provided by iPowerWeb was extremely rewarding seeing as they provide excellent solutions at very competitive prices. Recognizing that the hosting business is a very competitive market, iPowerWeb managed to promote a good alternative consisting of above average specifications while maintaining the prices very satisfying. The Business Pro plan available for only $6.95mo, when purchased using the 24 month payments option, is a good solution for anyone requiring a good hosting package. The only limitation we have to point out right from the beginning is the $30 setup fee required from clients opting for the 3 month and 6 month payment package. Either than that the Business Pro plan offers impeccable specifications such as 600gb storage space, 6000gb bandwidth and the possibility to host 25 domains. Other interesting specs include 2500 email accounts, a free domain and 100 free subdomains. Overall the Business Pro hosting package is a good value for money alternative considering its very low price and generous proportions.

The iPowerWeb dedicated server offering comes in the form of three separate plans. Starting at $129mo the IPOWERWEB CPS 100 is an interesting solution but expensive when considering the setup. Powered by an Intel Celeron D 3.06GHz processor with 512mb DDR2 Ram, 80 GB SATA hard drive and 500gb transfer, this might be considered an extremely costly package. The IPOWERWEB CPS 200 only sees improved the storage space to 250gb and the bandwidth to 1000bg. Once again the plan is plainly overpriced especially when noting the price $149mo. The last vdedicated server option is equally disappointing and a poor solution for any serious customer.

iPowerWeb.com just like most professional hosts provides a good customer service that is very accessible and friendly. The site does require some work especially the products section which fails to provide all the important information a customer would require before purchasing a hosting package. We also felt that the site was extremely complicated to navigate and many inexperienced users might consider this unbearable.

The payments can be issued using a credit card (American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard), checks, and Western Union. Unfortunately Paypal payments are not accepted which could represent an obstacle for many customers especially from abroad.

At the end of the day we believe iPowerWeb to be a possible solution for individuals looking for an affordable long term solution. For those requiring monthly payments iPowerWeb transforms itself into a very expensive solution, even though it offers a good hosting plan. In the end that hardly compensates the extra money a customer will have to pay. On the other hand the dedicated server plans are unforgettably horrible and plainly overpriced. We leave this review with a mixed feeling of satisfaction and disappointment to which we can only give on word of guidance. iPowerWeb.com is a good host with a few significant flaws that require some work.

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