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April 26th, 2008 | by admin | as Web Hosting

If you have decided to purchase a hosting account there are a few important aspects that have to be determined in advance in order to avoid problems in the future. Most inexperienced individuals might not know that there are two options when it comes to what operating system will be used on the hosting account which includes either Linux or Windows. Bellow we are going to discuss which of the two is best for a particular task.

Linux hosting accounts are currently the most popular alternatives for anyone wishing to start a website or blog. Nearly all internet hosting providers offer Linux hosted solutions with prices varying considerably depending on the host, server hardware and the specifications offered by each individual package. Most affordable solutions cost only a few dollars per month and these offer all the requirements anyone wanting to start a small or medium sized website will need. For more complex and feature rich options, a dedicated Linux server is defiantly the best alternative.

If you don’t know whether Linux hosting is the right option for you there are a few pointers that could help in the assessment process. Most popular scripts are developed specifically or work better on Linux servers. Examples of such scripts include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and phpBB to mention only a few. These scripts are mostly developed using the PHP scripting language which performs exceptionally better on Linux servers and thus explaining why most people will prefer to use Linux based hosting services.
Windows hosting solutions provide basically the same functions as their Linux counterpart except when utilizing ASP and ASP.Net that is exclusively native to Windows. Another aspect worth mentioning about Windows servers is that they are the only alternative that can run the Visual Basic and the VB Scripting language. When looking at prices and features, most hosts have opted to maintain everything between the two operating systems exactly the same. Basically this means no matter what option you choose the only thing that actually differs is the operating system.

In reality both alternatives work exceptionally well when used in distinct ways, making it very hard to determine which alternative is superior to the other, even if such a comparison is possible. When uncertain on which solution to opt for, the best practice is to research the requirements needed to host the site and only purchase the hosting account when all the details have been gathered.

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