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December 6th, 2007 | by admin | as Host Reviews

StartLogic is a leading hosting provider that is trusted by over 100,000 satisfied customers from all around the world. Services provided include web hosting, e-commerce solutions, domain registration and Search-Engine optimization (SEO). StartLogic also provides a comprehensive range of applications that will enhance and assist in creating a more productive business.

When analyzing the most affordable plan found is the Prologic package which offers all the need requirements for hosting a small site or blog. With a generous 300gb of space, 3000gb bandwidth and an option to host up to 50 domains, this plan represents an affordable solution that will satisfy most beginners. One aspect that should be taken into consideration before choosing a payment plan is the variation in the final cost. The monthly payment plan is only $6.95/mo but there is a $30 setup fee plus a $6.50 annual domain registration fee. The one year payment plan, also $6.95/mo, benefits from free setup and domain, while the two year plan only casts $5.95/mo.

More demanding users will be pleased to hear that there is a well balanced virtual server package available. Starting at only $29.95mo, this represents a good solution for people requiring more space and versatility. The $39.95 plan offers 40gb disk space with 1.5tb bandwidth whilst the $49.95 VPSlogic plan provides an excellent 60gb of disk space and 2tb bandwidth. All virtual server plans also include an amazing $50 in free Google AdWords credit plus $50 in free Yahoo! Search Marketing Credit. This is an excellent solution for businesses taking the first steps on the internet.

When it comes to the dedicated server offering the plans are not very encouraging to say the least. The bottom range Celeron package is rather expensive taking into consideration that it only provides 80gb Sata disk space and a meager 500gb of bandwidth all for $99mo. The Athlon variant is an improvement but still not very generous with only 80gb SATA disk space and a improved 1000gb of bandwidth for the same price. If looking for a more serious dedicated server there is a Dual Xeon plan with 4x 250 SATA hard drivers, 4G ram and 3000gb of bandwidth but that will cost a whopping $349mo which is rather steep when compared to the current market prices practice by other hosts.

StartLogic has as a very attractive affiliate program that offers $100.00 per new customer referred. To participate all a user has to do is create an account and insert one of the pre-made ads, banners or links on a web site. In the case of the links these can be also included on standard e-mails.

After analyzing we consider it one of the best hosting providers when option for the low end Prologic plan, the same cannot be said about the virtual and dedicated server offerings. The latter two seem overpriced and outdated which could benefit from some improvements. Either than that, we consider StartLogic a well balanced, secure and affordable host that won’t let you down.

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