What is dedicated hosting?

March 24th, 2008 | by admin | as Dedicated Servers

The world of hosting providers can be a confusing one, especially for those caught in the indecision of choosing the best possible solution for their needs. Deciding on a practical alternative can be a monumental responsibility only to be made even more complicated when we start exploring solutions like dedicated hosting. Fortunately we can help in explaining what is intended by dedicated hosting and how it differs from normal hosting.

A dedicated hosting account is a type of hosting solution in which a customer chooses to purchase an entire server instead of having his sites share one with other clients. At a glance we could determine that one of the main advantages behind a dedicated hosting option is that you won’t have to share your server with other customers. This clearly represents an obvious advantage since in theory whatever you host on that server will have more room to operate and therefore present enhanced delivery speeds. Before we go any further it is worth mentioning that this extremely optimistic perspective isn’t always evident since what really dictates the speed in which a site delivers its pages can be directly linked to a number of decisive factors. One of the major aspects that determine the quality of a server is the hardware that it uses. Some hosts will try trick their customers by only leasing dedicated hosting on older or outdated hardware, a practice that can have a direct influence on the performance of a website.

When looking for a dedicated hosting provider try to insure that the servers offered are relevantly modernized since not all solutions are the same. They actually vary considerably from host to host so special attention should be given to determining which provider offers the best hardware specifications combined with rental prices. Dedicated hosting solutions are mainly intended for large businesses or internet professionals since they require more flexibility and control over the operation of their servers. Obviously there are numerous other advantages but another of the most important reasons someone might opt for this alternative is that it will represent an enormous saving.

As you can see there is nothing complicated about dedicated hosting. Now you can determine whether a dedicated server is an ideal alternative for what you require. Don’t forget that there are many hosting providers on the internet. Always compare the various possibilities and if in doubt search for user reviews to assist you in making the right decision.

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