What is reseller web hosting?

May 8th, 2008 | by admin | as Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a very popular form of web hosting in which an individual has total control over his storage space and bandwidth, enabling him to resell portions of the unused plan to third parties. Some account owners choose to buy reseller hosting wholesale in order to resell to their own clients and in this way make a profit. This is achieved by allocating or dividing the reseller account into smaller, more affordable packages.

Hosting resellers can provide added benefits for experienced webmasters especially if they own a large number of sites requiring generous amounts of bandwidth and storage space to operate. Resellers are capable of providing personalized services to suit the specific requirements of the webmaster something that most traditional hosting providers cannot accomplish.

It is worth noting that many hosting providers rely on reseller services to start their business seeing as there is no initial investment on hardware or just about anything else for that matter. Hosting providers relying on reseller services have total control over the service plans and pricing that will be advertised to potential customers. A clients hosting account can be easily set up and managed via a web interface using a Control Panel program. There are also numerous other programs available for automating account creation and billing cycles.

Although this inexpensive solution might present many advantages to the entrepreneur, the same cannot be said for its clients as they won’t receive the same levels of services that are provided by traditional hosting companies who own the actual servers. This is explained because hosting providers relying on reseller hosting services don’t have access to the actual servers, they only serve as an intermediary between the client and the hardware proprietor. Although they have total permission to market their products and offer their own customer support, when technical problems evolving hardware arise, hosts relying on reseller hosting cannot resolved these issues thus creating problems for the end consumer. There has been a lot of debate to determine whether hosting providers run on reseller solutions can effectively provide a reliable service and this explains why more experienced webmasters strongly discourage anyone from using such hosting providers. But this is hardly the case anymore since over the past few years there have been tremendous advances and technological breakthroughs that have resolved many of the most common problems associated with this form of hosting so customers won’t’ have to worry about a thing.

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