What is VPS hosting?

April 3rd, 2008 | by admin | as VPS Hosting

Standard hosting solutions are great but when a website becomes increasingly popular and the number of visitors multiplies insistently, this site will undoubtedly require more space to operate. When this happens the only plausible solution is upgrading. Opting for a dedicated server can be extremely expensive and uneconomical especially if you don’t require all that extra muscle. Luckily there is an intermediate solution that will provide everything you require and nothing else.

The solution we are talking about is a Virtual private server (VPS) or virtual dedicated server (VDS). This alternative has seen its popularity grow substantially over the past years and currently represents one of the best solutions for people looking for affordable private servers. One of the major differences between VPS and a traditional dedicated server is that they are cheaper given that one server can host many virtual private servers. This is because all VPS reside on a normal physical server. We could also compare a VPS to shared hosting. The only difference being that the first offers more configurability. This is mainly because customers can install additional software on their virtual servers, whilst shared hosting only permits clients to use the predefined software previously installed.

The way a virtual private server works is quite simple. After partitioning a physical server into multiple smaller servers, each partition will have installed all the necessary applications to run on its own, much like if it was a standalone machine. What makes VPS so attractive is that they can also run their own independent operating system and even reboot without affecting the other partitions. This gives customers more independence at a fraction of the cost. To achieve this virtualization software or emulators are utilized so as to permit each partition to boot separately. And seeing as VPS don’t have direct access to the hardware, the physical server is left untouched.

With the ever growing demand for flexible and affordable solutions, most hosting companies are starting to offer VPS as an extension to their catalog of products and in some cases even substituted the traditional private server. Virtual private servers can be an excellent alternative over the more expensive dedicated servers for the obvious reasons. They offer most of the perks that come with private servers but at a fraction of the cost. So if you are looking for a scalable solution but are worried about the costs, give VPS a try.

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