What is Microsoft exchange hosting?

July 8th, 2008 | by admin | as Dedicated Servers

Exchange Server is a messaging and collaborative software product developed by Microsoft which is made available by hosting companies to clients looking for Exchange hosting solutions. Microsoft’s Exchange server provides industry leading defensive security technologies especially developed to maximize productivity while reducing spam and viruses. Business can rest assured that Exchange server delivers robust communication alternatives, safeguards critical data against a broad assortment of threats and delivers a collection of tools essential for keeping a business productive. As of Exchange Server 2003, administrators can also count on an enhanced disaster recovery feature which enables for improved maintenance speeds and quicker system restore times. The most notable features provided by an Exchange Server include, email, calendaring tools, contacts management, mobile support, web-based data access and data storage.

Although Exchange servers offer many productivity tools, most clients use this software for email and communication purposes. Small to large corporations can build mobile email and professional web mail which is an essential element for every modern business requiring a reliable solution for maintaining all employees connected efficiently. System administrators and IT professionals can easily deploy robust messaging systems capable of meeting both enterprise and employee needs. Mobile devices have become exceedingly popular, especially appropriate for large corporations with thousands of individuals which rely extensively on collaborative tools capable of offering mobile email and other mobile solutions. Exchange server has been developed especially to meet such demands while also providing advanced firewall network protection that insures all data is maintained secure from all threats.

Businesses requiring messaging and collaborative software solutions have some alternatives to decide from. Depending on the number of employees, the amount of funds set aside to invest, together with the general requirements and ambitions of a corporation, an exchange server might or might not make sense. The advantages presented by an Exchange server are countless, but the most notable is that it provides leading technology especially developed for inspiring business requiring new solutions for everyday communications.

Exchange hosting is normally offered by specialized hosting companies that only provide services to clients requiring exchange servers. In other words, these hosting companies do not offer traditional hosting solutions for individuals or businesses. When it comes to prices, figures can vary extensively between competing hosts. Currently, small businesses requiring only the minimal features and the bare minimum when it comes to storage space, have the alternative of purchasing exchange hosting for as little as $10 per month. It is worth mentioning that these plans are very limited since the features included are reduced to maximize storage capacity. Larger corporations, with many employees would require a more complex setup with prices reaching the thousands of dollars depending on the client’s requirements and needs. Some exchange hosts offer more scalable alternatives by permitting clients to pay for what they need instead of being tied to a fixed monthly payment. In the end, no matter what the requirements, Exchange Servers can provide an extremely cost effective solution for every corporation no matter what the messaging system requirements.

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