Reseller hosting: the perfect way to start in the web hosting business

June 30th, 2008 | by admin | as Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a popular form of web hosting which delivers the advantage of permitting account holders to resell and host sites on behalf of third parties. In essence, the reseller will buy a hosting account at wholesale and then sell smaller fractions to customers for a profit. Reseller hosting is by far the easiest way to establish a web hosting business, especially since resellers don’t need a lot of money to invest in hardware and other essential applications required to get a hosting business of the ground.

These days starting a web hosting business requires very little knowledge or investment capital seeing as most of the tools required are easily attainable and reseller accounts are widely available at very affordable prices. In theory, a person wanting to create a new hosting business only requires a reasonably small amount of money and a reseller hosting plan since nearly all of the fundamental tools required to launch the actual business frequently come bundled with the account. Modern, easy to use control panel software provides all the functions a web hosting provider requires to configure and maintain customer accounts via a web interface. Other popular software packages include a collection of applications especially developed for resellers wanting to start a hosting business, which automate account creation and billing cycles. Reseller accounts are normally dedicated servers located in state-of-the-art server farms which are rented individually to customers either who need the hardware for personal use or are interested in reselling portions on the allocated bandwidth and storage space to third party clients. In some cases, hosts might offer the opportunity to resell shared hosting services for a profit providing some advantages since the reseller won’t have to acquire an entire dedicated server to start a business.

From a first glance, reseller hosting accounts might seem like the perfect alternative for inspiring businessmen who want to start a business effortlessly. Unfortunately, there are some negative points that affect both clients and business owners alike. A web host relying on reseller hosting services never has access to the physical hardware since he chose to rent the hardware from a third party which could be located anywhere around the world. In this way, customers are left hanging in case of hardware malfunction because the service provider has no access to the hardware, meaning they cannot repair the problem in-house because the server administrator will have to be contacted. Normally, resellers are only in charge of updating server software, creating products or hosting plans, communicating with customers, providing payment and billing services, and taking care of any other aspects relating to his customer base. On the other hand, the data center operator maintains the hardware, connectivity and network infrastructure.

Starting a hosting business can be extremely trouble-free when utilizing reseller hosting services. In the end, web hosts making use of reseller accounts should always make sure that the hosting provider possess trustworthy hardware and is capable of delivering reliable services that will not affect the stability of a business.

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