What is managed web hosting?

June 3rd, 2008 | by admin | as Managed Hosting

Companies have found that with the constant increase in internet based business, networking reliance has become an increasing concern requiring immediate attention. Managed web hosting or dedicated server hosting, is a form of internet hosting that provides improved scalability for consumers requiring full control over the server without needing to invest a huge amount of money on their own hardware. Basically a client will lease an entire server form a hosting provider for a monthly fee and boast the advantage of not having to share it with anyone else.

It is important not to confuse Managed web hosting with Virtual private hosting given that that they provide the same basic features but with an enormous difference. Virtual private hosting is a type of hosting where a customer leases a partition on a physical server, which has the capabilities of operating just like an independent machine. Although each virtual server can be fully operated individually, unlike what happens with Managed web hosting, the hardware is shared between various clients and none have direct access to the physical hardware.

Managed web hosting delivers many benefits especially over the share hosting options. The most notable being that a customer can lease an entire server and chose from various operating systems, software options and even hardware specifications. For a nominal fee there are other services that can be provided like server maintenance, server monitoring, software updates, data backups, database administration and security protection. Customers leasing servers are presented with modern hardware and generous amounts of bandwidth, something that otherwise would be impossible to attain on a modest budget. Depending on the hosting provider, server specifications can vary considerably but for most businesses managed web hosting imply excellent servers for less overhead and maximized profits.

Another advantage presented by such solutions is that most servers are located on database centers which come equipped with various security and safety measures capable of insuring that the hardware is always maintained operational. This also guarantees superior bandwidth speeds, faster loading times for the websites and enhanced all-round performance.

Customers are given total freedom to run their servers and imposed very few restrictions. The only limitations are associated with certain programs which may compromise server security and some Adult content because of legal implications. Other imitations might be imposed on sites consuming large amounts of bandwidth. Managed web hosting is extremely reliable and one of the best hosting solutions currently available.

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