How to save money with web hosting coupons

September 5th, 2008 | by admin | as Coupon Codes

Hosting coupons present a great solution for webmasters wanting to save money on purchases of hosting accounts, domain names and just about any other services imaginable. Numerous hosting providers have started using this marketing strategy extensively and customers are who stand to benefit the most. Taking advantage of these discounts is pretty straightforward and extremely rewarding, especially when completing large orders.

Depending on the hosting provider, coupons can provide discounts towards the total value of purchases made, offer free services or simply entitle new customers to free domains and hosting accounts. Each individual host will provide discounts on a range of services or products which can vary considerably in nature, although, nearly all have some sort of hosting and domain offering since these are the two crucial products customer search for. Regardless of the compensation proposed one thing is pretty clear, saving money with coupons is extremely easy even for those that have no technical knowledge. Currently, most hosts provide coupons to existing customers via email, while some do make them available on their official sites or through third party sites as sponsors. Existing customers normally have little use for such discounts reason explaining why on a lot of webmaster forums these coupons can be easily found. Sites dedicated to coupons are also common, especially for the more popular hosts, and can be found by conducting a search on the internet.

Godaddy is a leading domain registrar and hosting provider that distributes coupons for new and existing customers who wish to purchase anyone of the many services on offer. Promo codes, as they are usually referred too, offer loads of advantages like a large percentage discount on all orders totaling a certain amount, cheaper domain registration and reduced renewal fees. Normally the more a customer spends the higher the discount rate and consequently, the more money a customer stands to save on all purchases completed.

Hostgator is yet another popular domain and hosting provider that uses coupons as a valuable marketing strategy. Coupons provide discounts mainly on hosting plans, normally if purchased for periods longer than a year. Discounts are extremely competitive and depending on the hosting plan, customers stand to benefit from a $9.94 saving.

Namecheap, just like its competitors, provides coupons for new and existing customers who choose to purchase either domains or hosting. Discounts can go towards domains registration, renewals and hosting plans. Namecheap currently supplies a coupon on a monthly basis via email to existing customers.

There are many other hosts which have chosen to provide coupons as a marketing strategy although the ones listed above are the most well known. New customers, or experienced webmasters looking for unbeatable discounts, should always shop around to discover which hosts deliver the best value for money. Sometimes the advantages presented or gained when using a coupon, don’t make up for the end cost associated with the acquisition of a given service over a long period of time. Either than that, there is no better way to save money than with hosting coupons.

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