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August 4th, 2008 | by admin | as Web Hosting

Web hosting reviews can give you essential clues on whether a given host is reliable, trust worthy or offers all the services you truly require. Conducting a simple search on the internet brings up hundreds of sites offering reviews of web hosts, all claiming that their assessments are truly sincere and written by members which have benefit from a firsthand experience with the hosts examined.

Please note that some caution should be taken when searching for reviews. Unfortunately, thousands of inexperienced individuals are lured by fancy banners ads and what might seem like honest reviews made by friendly experienced webmasters. After a closer inspection you will notice that the information provided by these sites is everything except useful even if they claim otherwise. The reason for this is that many sites sell reviews which are bought by web hosting companies wanting to advertise their services, clean up their online image and trick customers into believing that they are in fact superior when compared to the competition. Such sites pay no attention to service quality, competitive prices, customer support or any other important characteristic that could help you make a well formed decision on which host to choose. The point is not to guide potential customers to honest web hosts, but rather make a profit off people like you that have little experience and require some assistance in sorting through all the competition, seeing as there are literally thousands of hosts floating around the internet.

If you’re looking for reliable reviews there are some places on the internet which could be considered unbiased and of great value. Webmaster forums are the safest bet since most members of such forums have a good understanding of which hosts are considered high-quality and which should be avoided at all cost. Another great advantage about using webmaster forums is that you can communicate with experienced members on a more personal level and in this way benefit from all the knowledge of someone that possesses more experience on the topic than you. Community driven sites dedicated to these topics can also provide an excellent starting point but since the content can be a little dubious at times, it might be better to read various opinions before settling on a host. Web host review sites can also help since not every single one promotes untrustworthy services. Just make sure you compare the information gathered with your other findings to establish a more reliable opinion.

Web hosting reviews can help you decide on which hosting provider is the most beneficial although the end choice is always up to you. The best advice is to read a lot of reviews from many different sources and when you think you’ve found the perfect candidate, search the internet to see what other customers have to say about that specific host. If everything goes according to plan, you will be able to make a pretty well founded evaluation and consequently find a reliable web host that provides exactly what you’re looking for.

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