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March 25th, 2008 | by admin | as Dedicated Servers, Web Hosting

When it comes to hosting there are numerous solutions to choose from. Some are better suited to your specific needs whilst others might not provide all the functionalities you may require to get the job do effectively. Imagine you are responsible for the website of a large online retailer and to maintain steady growth you question yourself whether upgrading to a dedicated hosting solution is the best option. This article will point out the main differences between shared and dedicated hosting while also determining which solution is best suited for each individual situation.

When analyzing the two solutions it is worth mentioning that there is one foremost difference between shared and dedicated hosting. Just like the name implies, shared hosting is a hosting account on a shared server. This means that on that same server there might be any number of other sites which in some cases can be bad for the overall performance of a site, since an overcrowded server will become sluggish. When a client chooses to lease the entire server rather than have his site share one with other people that is called dedicated hosting. Obviously prices vary considerably between the two, but in some cases it might be cheaper for a large business to have a dedicated server rather than many small shared hosting accounts.

If you are wondering in what circumstances you should opt for a dedicated hosting solution it all depends on a few important factors. Dedicated hosting is all about freedom and given that in some cases hosts leave the entire server administration process to the client, this solution is generally intended for experienced individuals. On the other hand, shared hosting caters to the common internet user so no special knowledge is required to maintain the server because everything has been organized by the hosting provider. Then there is also the price. Most common users only require a small hosting account to operate their sites, so looking at dedicated hosting is not advised. In these cases an inexpensive shred hosting solution is more than sufficient.

In the end we can determined that dedicated hosting is a good alternative but only if you posses the knowledge to run your own server and need to maintain a high traffic website. Whatever you decide in the end is really up to you, but if you don’t need the extra power that is offered by a dedicated server, stick to shared hosting.

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